Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Friday, It's Friday!

Hopefully when you read the title of this post you didn't break out into the "It's Friday" song... if you did (and I know at least one of you did) please do me a favour and slap yourself back into reality.

Good. Now, let's put that ugliness behind us and talk about my week...

My "existence" issue got worse before it got better. Isn't that always the case! I ended up not being able to use the phone at all on day two. It kept flashing an angry message at me all day: "INVALID".

Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash.

The I.T. people were camped out in my office. At one point, I was on the phone with our helpdesk in Romania (don't ask) and I had two other support people in my office, all shaking their heads in tandem (ok. I am only assuming that the dude in Romania was also shaking his head, because that makes me giggle). Then, almost by magic, on day three I reappeared. Or I became valid again. Or something... Houston, we have communication!

I also went from wearing my flip-floppy sandals by mistake on Monday and freezing my toes off, to donning my 'real' work shoes on Tuesday, developing brutal blisters on my delicate feet on Wednesday and Thursday and am now back to wearing my sandals with the added bonus of brightly coloured sesame street band-aids on my aching feet. Right about now you must be thinking "I wonder what characters she chose?" (don't deny it. I know you're curious). I'm so glad you asked. I have fluorescent orange with Grover on one foot and neon green with Oscar the Grouch on the other. How's that for work appropriate!

Getting to work on time was a real concern for me because the boys had a habit of going to bed late and sleeping in a lot. The hubby has been instrumental with helping to get us out the door on time but the lag time for drop-off's got longer and longer as the week went by.

On Monday and Tuesday, EJ happily went into Nonna's arms and said bye-bye Mommy. Being there all day was a fun novelty. On Wednesday he got a little whiny but he still remained (semi-happily) in my mother's arms and waved goodbye. Thursday and Friday were not as easy. I had to nurse him after the drop-off and negotiate for my departure. He only whined and didn't openly cry on any of the days, which was a true relief, but it still wasn't easy. Luckily, tomorrow he can get all the breastmilk and mommy cuddles he wants. Hurray for weekends!

As for me, it's been ok, but then it's only been a week. Going to work every day is still a novelty for me too. I expect it to get harder as time goes on... Still, when I go for lunch and see babies and kids with their moms in the food court, I get a little teary eyed. I miss them so!

At least I know they're being cared for properly and are having fun. For now, I'm taking it day by day and leaving stress out of the equation. So far, so good. Wish me luck for next week ;)


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