Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Thanks Ma!"

A few weeks back I wrote about how much fun we had when we happened to fall into an open house party at a new children's art studio. The experience enabled me to see how great it is for kids to use "real" art tools. Up to that point the boys had been playing with "child friendly" paints like gouache and using paper or cardboard only. I now realize that it just isn't the same art experience. It doesn't feel authentic and kids can sense that. So, I took the boys out to buy some art supplies.

Our basic art supplies

We I decided to get acrylic paint (only primary colours along with white and black), canvases to paint on, a few tiny bottles and some assorted brushes or sponges. J insisted we get a syringe because he was looking forward to splattering the paint...

I laid it all out on the deck and gave each boy his own canvas. My only instruction was for them to "have fun!". And they did! They immediately leapt into playing and made a huge wonderful mess. EJ took one tool after another and just enjoyed how each of them felt on the canvas. J, on the other hand, really got into layering the paint and creating colours and textures. They both did really well in their own age appropriate way and I enjoyed watching the process.

Carefully selecting a frame he likes

J had so much fun making his painting that we decided to have it framed and hang it in his room. I think it's the kind of thing he'll be grateful for when he grows up... either that or he'll be ridiculously embarrassed, but it's worth the risk - right? 

We waited for it to dry and then went to select a frame. I have to admit that, as excited as J was to be choosing a frame, I was doubly excited! *Yes, I am living vicariously through my child

J and his 1st work of art

But then, take a good look at his smile with the finished product (which is now proudly displayed in his room). That's the look of a boy that'll one day say "Thanks Ma!"... I hope ;)


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