Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Going Up

I realize that I talk about J a lot. It's normal... he's an active toddler and keeps me on my toes. But for this post I thought I'd share a few moments in EJ's day. He's been cruising for a long while now and I really thought I'd have an early walker - nope! 

The kid is not letting go yet. Though we're at the point of him walking while only holding onto one of my hands instead of both. So, shouldn't be long now... HA! I've been saying that for over 2 months.

Well, he may not be walking yet, but he recently decided it was time to climb up the stairs all by himself. He now does it quite often and has a blast going up...
Up, up and away!

"Are you still there mom?"
"I made it up... now what?"

"he, he... mommy's room"

"Let's party!"

"uh-oh... she caught me... ABORT"


  1. Those are very cute pictures! And yeah, that only walking holding on can get tiring! I actually bought knee pads when my daughter was at that stage!

  2. @Liz
    Ha! I like that idea... luckily, I'm not that tall so it's not so bad ;)

  3. Both of my kids were like that - they refused to walk, long after I thought they'd be able to. My son could do stairs, and he would even stand on a stool at the counter, as long as he was holding on. But they both always had to be holding on.

    My daughter actually did this thing where you could hold a toy, and she'd grab on to it with both hands. Then you'd let go, and she'd stay standing until she realized that you weren't holding the toy anymore. It was very cartoon-like - she's standing, she's fine, she looks down and sees nothing there, she falls.

  4. @Amber
    Yep - we've had that exact moment many times. About a week ago, EJ was with me and we were 'walking' with him holding on tightly. Then he heard his brother's voice (from another room) and he let go of my hands and dashed out to go find his brother. When he looked back and saw that I was no longer holding on he fell down on his bum. It was quite funny.


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